misunderstood lyrics

Misunderstood – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Misunderstood – Russ Misunderstood lyrics Misunderstood, you only see Pieces that fit your view of me Your mind is made up, my hands are tied Misunderstood time after time I feel like I got nothing left There’s something in my way I can’t move I really showed you all of me Just for you […]

Misunderstood – Lil Tjay lyrics

Lyrics Misunderstood – Lil Tjay Misunderstood lyrics Told ’em I’m the greatest homie as long ’til I prove it Life been rough from the start tired of losin’ They slept on me but they ain’t peep how I was movin’ Now I’m headed to the top steady grovin’ All this fake love so confusing Still […]

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