mike will made it

On the come up – Mike Will Made-It lyrics

Lyrics Mike Will Made-it – On the come up On the come up, on the come up Sun up, bunch a young niggas on the come up Come up, run up All my young ones on the come up Bunch of young niggas on the come up Look, all my niggas ’bout that action Livin’ […]

Perfect pint – Mike Will Made-it lyrics

Lyrics Mike Will Made-It  – Perfect pint Gi-gimme some space Two styrofoam cups, a pint of some drank I’m the type of nigga that you meet at the bank (rich nigga) Grade A b*tches treatin’ me like a safe This money doin’ somethin’ to my brain (my brain) This money doin’ somethin’ to my ego […]

Yugo – Mike Will Made It feat. Pharrell lyrics

Lyrics Mike Will Made It – Yugo Hold up to be clear I believe in miracles But I don’t believe in waiting for ’em You gotta make that shit happen And is a killing I’d imagine Make them think it’s magic (Yeah) It ain’t your chain or your vehicles When you that nigga with the […]

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