mihai traistariu

Zombie love – Mihai lyrics

Lyrics Mihai – Zombie love I have been lookin’ in. I really need to read your mind. I feel like a zombie. I’m screamin’ out inside. If your not made for me. Then I don’t wanna wake up. If I’m not made for you. Then I’ll wait for you in another life. Just tell me […]

Paradisio – Mihai Traistariu (lyrics)

Lyrics MIhai Traistariu – Paradisio Fly, fly, fly, to the sky sky sky.(paradisio) Listen my baby, listen to me, I reach to you. My world is dying. Beautiful baby, through he stars I come to you. So I’m just flying. My world is full of darkness, frozen and destroyed. So set me free.. Pradisio Living […]

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