Light me up – Midsplit lyrics

Lyrics Light me up – Midsplit Light me up lyrics Feels like I’m walking on fire There’s nothing left to lose Looking for love and desire Baby I’m looking for you Feels like on walking on fire Baby I’m falling for you And all of the times that I’ve wasted Baby I’m looking for you So […]

New beginning – Midsplit ft. Lost Capital lyrics

Lyrics New beginning – Midsplit New beginning lyrics I’ve tried to make up from this sh*t Walls are haunted I’m lowkey This vision tires me every night. Lost and found my way to hell I put my faith and dreams on sale Versuri-lyrics.info I guess I’m better off alone This brand new world My damn new […]

Feels like – Proto feat. Chin Chilla lyrics

Lyrics Proto – Feels like Hold me, stay here tonight. Cause you know I feel like I’m loosing my mind. Well it’s ok cause you’re here to make it alright. So baby, can you just stay where you are? (Proto – Feels like) This is what we’ve been waiting for. Now I’m .. to the […]

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