mickey valen

Chills – Mickey Valen feat. Joey Myron lyrics

Lyrics Chills – Mickey Valen Chills lyrics I’m outta my mind I’m tripping inside Something was different, I won’t be missing You for the night So tell me I’m right I’m shifting your tide Let’s not be foolish You shouldn’t loose this Baby you’re mine We were sipping in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Now […]

Move that body – Mickey Valen lyrics

Lyrics MIckey Valen – Move that body Move that body. Saw you on a Tuesday You were sippin on a juice, eh With that b*tch was acting moody Eia eiaaa. I’ve been trynna find my way back Trynna get in there asap But don’t you get out of my way fast. I know you’re here […]

Wildcard – Mickey Valen feat. Feli Ferraro lyrics

Lyrics Mickey Valen – Wildcard You are like a gamble, I pay the price But I could handle something undefined Give me a reason to raise the stakes Cause I can walk away.(wildcard) You keep taking the upper end And you leaving me exposed I don’t think I stand a chance When your feelings never […]

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