mick jenkins

Truffles – Mick Jenkins lyrics

Lyrics Truffles – Mick Jenkins Truffles lyrics It was Goyard totes and Carhartt tees And atop the Coldplay carpet ’round my feet The Dolce scarf that’s ’round my face, forgot my mask Fuck up a mood ring, leavin’ the tri-state I’m on that drip, shawty don’t drip She know I’m comin’ with my plate Smoke […]

Frontstreet – Mick Jenkins lyrics

Lyrics Frontstreet – Mick Jenkins Frontstreet lyrics Ayy put me on Frontstreet We done did enough sneakin’ through the back door We done grew enough rose through some concrete I done stamped up two whole passports I done hopped in my motherfuckin’ Jansport Niggas groan ’til it’s time to communicate Niggas groan ’til it’s time […]

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