MIA – SSGKobe lyrics

Lyrics MIA – SSGKobe Mia lyrics Bitch, I’m fine, thanks for askin’ Gettin’ money every day, don’t got time for relaxin’ M.I.A, they askin’ where I been, bitch, I been away Takin’ drugs and smokin’ dope so I can relieve the pain M.I.A, M.I.A She been in my head, in my head I just poured […]

Ctrl – MIA lyrics

Lyrics Ctrl – MIA CTRL lyrics Hands up hands down Wake up snap out We gon’ stand up When they try to Control control Control control Control control Control Freedom of speech What do schools teach? M.I.A. be preaching now World town reach Dark skin on beach I don’t use no bleach Drivin’ in the […]

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