mia vaile

Satellite – Mia Vaile lyrics

Lyrics Satellite – Mia Vaile Satellite lyrics I want to revolve around your world Like a saelliiite heart like a saelliiite home If I could revolve I’d be the girl With that out of mind love Who could shine with the stars Like a saelliiite Like a saelliiite [Verse 1] You know you know just […]

Sweet liar – Mia Vaile lyrics

Lyrics Sweet liar – Mia Vaile Sweet liar lyrics See I woke up sober And the night is over I didn’t mean to do this again no But life seems so simple Oh so simple Yet it never stays the same The present is ambiguous And the past is good at trapping us They say that we can never […]

Skin – Jinco featuring Mia Vaile lyrics

Lyrics Jinco – Skin Tell me does it hurt to watch me close From the front row Yeah, this is my show This is my show.(skin) I can be your high Be your beauty queen lie Your American hideaway Yeah, that’s what they say. Baby do you see my light? Hotel sheets over my skin […]

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