Now that we re dead – Metallica lyrics

Lyrics Metallica – Now that we re dead When darkness falls, may it be. That we should see the light. When reaper calls, may it be. That we walk straight and right.(now that we re dead) When doubt returns, may it be. That faith shall permeate our scars. When we’re seduced, then may it be. […]

Murder one – Metallica lyrics

Lyrics Metallica – Murder one One crown. Shines on through the sound. One crown. Born to lose. One man. Does not give a damn. One man. No excuse.(murder one) Aces wild. Aces high. All the aces. Aces ’til you die. White lines fading. The iron horse rolls on and on and on. Hear your thunder. […]

Moth into flame lyrics – Metallica

Lyrics Metallica – Moth into flame Blacked out. Pop queen, amphetamine. The screams crashed into silence.(moth into flame) Tapped out. Doused in the gasoline. The high times going timeless. Decadence. Death of the innocence. The pathway starts to spiral. Infamy. All for publicity. Destruction going viral. Light it up. Ah, light it up. Another hit […]

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