mercy lyrics

Mercy – King Mala lyrics

Lyrics Mercy – King Mala Mercy lyrics I’ve been getting so tired Starting so many fires I always find a way to burn Now I’m begging for mercy From everyone that I’ve wronged I’ve done more harm than I thought [Verse 2] These habits kill my intention My constant need for attention Ruins the party […]

Mercy – Brett Young lyrics

Lyrics Mercy – Brett Young Mercy Why you gotta show up lookin so good just to hurt me Why you wanna stop this whole damn world from turning Mercyyy Why you hanging on so tight if this ain’t working Why you wanna stop this flame if it’s still burning Cause it’s still burning. So if you’re […]

Mercy – Stone Sour lyrics

Lyrics Stone Sour – Mercy My best is pointless, outrun but I’ll never win This state of conflict makes sense, don’t think about it I ran away when I was 15; I was dead by 17 I know the world owes me everything I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna make it.(mercy) Walking on the warmer […]

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