Melanie Martinez

The bakery – Melanie Martinez lyrics

Lyrics The bakery – Melanie Martinez The bakery lyrics Pack it box it flip it top it With a bow tie ribbon stop it Eatin’ all the rainbow cookies Pies are flying through the roof Not my first pick but I’ll do it Make the cash right so I can move quick Out this shithole […]

Fire drill – Melanie Martinez lyrics

Lyrics Fire drill – Melanie Martinez Fire drill lyrics I’ve never fit into any category always deemed an outcast Since I was in Sunday School and all the cool kids said I was weird It’s exactly the same they say “Why do you dress that way Why do you act that way Why don’t you […]

Strawberry shortcake – Melanie Martinez lyrics

Lyrics Strawberry shortcake – Melanie Martinez Strawberry shortcake lyrics Feeling unsure of my naked body Stand back watch it taking shape Wondering why I don t look like Barbie They say “boys like girls with a tiny waist” Now my momma s preaching to make sure I m pure But I never really cared about […]

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