maxo kream

Greener knots – Maxo Kream lyrics

Lyrics Greener knots – Maxo Kream Greener knots lyrics Okay, I seen a lot Runnin’ in and out of granny house Uncle bummin’ on the couch, first time I seen a rock Headed right there in the chair, watchin’ WWE, first time he seen The Rock Had my grandma pissed, went to school all white, […]

Big persona – Maxo Kream lyrics

Lyrics Big persona – Maxo Kream Big persona lyrics Fuck these niggas talkin’ ’bout? Million for the summer house Love it when the sun be out ‘Cause we be out Ridin’ around in that thing with the center roof And the inside is orange like a cantaloupe Got a Grammy and not just the interlude […]

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