Truest thoughts – Mavado lyrics

Lyrics Truest thoughts – Mavado Truest thoughts lyrics Them a walk with a load glook say dem waa see man ina board boxI man a see through life like never before whol emp a people wouldn’t say dem a mi bredda dem no bredda no moreI man a see through life like never before dem […]

Dancehall prophecy – Mavado lyrics

Lyrics Dancehall prophecy – Mavado Dancehall prophecy lyrics Badmind, badmind, badmind Cyaan stop me thing Dem cyaan win Ghetto youths Shout it out ‘pon every house top Me cyaan stop, me cyaan drop Nuff a dem want me heart stop Me cyaan flop, me cyaan flop, me cyaan ‘top Shot fire, me cyaan drop Rise, […]

I m sanctify – Sean Paul feat. Mavado lyrics

Lyrics Sean Paul –¬†I m sanctify – Sean Paul Rastafari Bless the man dem deh ain’t no stress You done know god bless with the positiveness They say many more but the whole world a joy Jah know , jah know , jah know Keep on the track Troyton touch the sky! Open up your […]

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