Highly emotional people – MARINA lyrics

Lyrics Highly emotional people – MARINA Highly emotional people lyrics Life is a game that the universe plays We are the pieces in a puzzle called fate Life takes its time in its own fashion Emotions unfold like a superbloom in action The universe hangs like a necklace from God Jewels suspended in the cosmos […]

Pandora’s box – MARINA lyrics

Lyrics Pandora’s box – MARINA Pandora’s box lyrics You almost turned me psycho I almost lost my mind I didn’t know the depth yet Of someone so unkind Someone who was special In every other way You damaged what we had But for her, it’s just another day [Chorus] You opened up Pandora’s booox You […]

Purge the poison – Marina lyrics

Lyrics Purge the poison – Marina Purge the poison lyrics All my friends are witches and we live in Hollywood Mystical bitches making our own sisterhood While society is falling we are quietly reforming Protecting the planet, healing our own damage Quarantined all alone, Mother nature’s on the phone “What have you been doing? Don’t […]

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