In minte versuri – Mara

Versuri Mara – In minte Atunci cand ochii nu te vad dar inima te simte. Esti peste tot in jurul meu, mi-ai ramas blocat in minte. No, nu se vede dar se simte, no no nooo. Tu esti raspunsul la orice intrebare Ne-am gasit, am pornit in lumea asta mare. Tu ai stiut de la […]

Sweet dreams – Andra & Mara lyrics

Lyrics Andra & Mara – Sweet dreams Am I alive or did I die? Did the day just pass me by, saying.. “Sweet dreams, I gotta go now”? These are the moments when. You wish you could live again, but. Sweet dreams, I gotta go now. I can’t take this anymore. I want a change […]

Ma bike – Mara (lyrics)

Lyrics Mara – Ma bike No matter what happens, don’t need to strike Just go in the backyard take out ma bike And suddenly everything seems quite all right My bike can turn black into white Up in the saddle the magic begins Me and my bike, feeling like twins I’m spinning the wheels, spinning […]

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