malibu lyrics

Malibu – Migos lyrics

Lyrics Malibu – Migos Malibu lyrics I bought me a drop (Drop) I’m switchin’ out hoes and thots (Switch out the thots) I Richie’d the watch (Richie) I made me an M on the spot (M on the spot) I took twenty-five hoes in Malibu on my yacht I got twenty-five M’s in the bank, […]

Malibu – Kim Petras lyrics

Lyrics Malibu – Kim Petras Malibu – Kim Petras lyrics Murder rate – Blueface lyrics Lyrics Murder rate – Blueface Murder rate lyrics I done lost 8K at the telly was gone off the Xannys I took Living the dream – Five Finger Death Punch lyrics Lyrics Living the dream – Five Finger Death Punch […]

Malibu – Desiigner lyrics

Lyrics Desiigner – Malibu I’m with the gang up in Malibu Don’t let my niggas embarrass you Don’t let my dogs embarrass you (Yeah) My niggas, they comin’ with parachutes We jump off the jet with the parachutes She poppin’ the Xanies, the edible I got my gang up in Malibu I have my niggas […]

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