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Fly above – Mahmut Orhan lyrics

Lyrics Fly above – Mahmut Orhan Fly away lyrics Feel alive We fly above the mountains day and night Dive under the water, purified Every moment is an adventure With every breath we take we feel alive I see the people dancing with the breeze The children now, they smile among the trees Together, one […]

Hero – Irina Rimes feat. Mahmut Orhan lyrics

Lyrics Hero – Irina Rimes Hero lyrics Yeah, I’m so down, I won’t deny it Cause I’m so full of it, I’m wasted And when you shout on me, I’m silent You’re always right, I won’t deny it If this was love than we’ve erased it And if you ask me why I listening no […]

6 days – Mahmut Orhan feat. Colonel Bagshot lyrics

Lyrics Colonel Bagshot – 6 days – Mahmut Orhan At the starting of the week At summit talks, you’ll hear them speak It’s only Monday. (Mahmut Orhan – 6 days) Negotiations breaking down See those leaders start to frown It’s sword and gun day. Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late. You could be sitting […]

Save me – Mahmut Orhan feat. Eneli lyrics

Lyrics Mahmut Orhan – Save me My friend, what have you done to me They’ve been watching Been hurting, falling on my knees I’ve been fighting Don’t ask me why, don’t make me lie I didn’t wanna hide, didn’t wanna hide.(save me) Somebody to save meee, save meee It’s somebody to save me, save meee […]

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