love somebody

Love somebody – Rotimi lyrics

Lyrics Love somebody – Rotimi Love somebody lyrics My beautiful lover When will you stop standin’ in your own way I’m your bridge over trouble The road you’re takin’ only leads you to pain Sometimes it’s hard to see Just how simple it is Until you love somebody Like one two three Trust me you […]

Love somebody – Frenship lyrics

Lyrics Frenship – Love somebody Run for the highlights, chase down the weekend Give in to dreamin’, if that’s what your feeling Learn from the mileage, shake up the silence Give up the old plans, and give in to romance. (Frenship – Love somebody) It’s hard to see you go But that’s just life you […]

Love somebody – Justin Caruso lyrics

Lyrics Justin Caruso – Love somebody I don’t know if you noticed Trying to calm this ocean Without your love I’m on this island Alone and waiting For you I can say that I’ll be thinking way back To when we were at home, Yeah.(love somebody) And I’ll wait for you All this time I […]

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