love is blind

Love is blind – OMB Peezy lyrics

Lyrics Love is blind – OMB Peezy Love is blind lyrics Get off your ass and go get it, can’t waste no time, lil’ nigga (No time) Extended mag in my semi, try me, you dyin’, nigga (You dyin’) And I know love gotta be blind, it can’t find a nigga (It can’t find me) […]

Love is blind – Fergie lyrics

Lyrics Fergie – Love is blind Hey baby, won’t you lie to me? Oh darling, tell me, pretty please Oh baby, baby, won’t you tell me what I want to hear? (Don’t leave me, don’t leave me alone)(love is blind) ‘Bout those b*tches, I don’t wanna know They think they love you, f*ck those other […]

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