london lyrics

London – M24 lyrics

Lyrics London – M24 London lyrics What you know ’bout a double four? What you know ’bout Rambo’s twinnin’? Gyal From East Londooon yuh mad [Chorus: Tion Wayne] (Gyal-gyal) Gyal from North Londooon Gyal from East Londooon Gyal from West Londooon Gyal from South Londooon That gyal wan’ shook One eye on her arse like […]

London – Jacquees lyrics

Lyrics London – Jacquees London lyrics It’s 2 o’clock I’m tryna find your spot Fresh fit from Lenox and I’m in my drop I hit your digits ’cause you got that vibe (you got a vibe) I hit your digits ’cause you’re on my mind, oh yeah The chance girl we could take it, yeah What […]

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