Listen – One Ok Rock feat. Avril Lavigne lyrics

Lyrics One Ok Rock – Listen You always call me full of regret You want me to save you again.(listen) All these years, the days go by I’ve seen you fall a million times Everybody makes mistakes. It feels so hard to watch you hurt From the pain, a lesson learned This is how you […]

Jessica Suicide – Bad Astronaut

Versuri Bad Astronaut – Jessica’s Suicide Jessica suicide takes me for a ride I’m just a crazy one-armed man Strange world, dead girl Die each day or so you say it How much death can one man stand? How much death can one man stand? I might broadcast your dull eyes Breathless like you, I’m […]

Literally I can’t – Redfoo, Lil Jon

Versuri Play-N-Skillz, Redfoo feat Lil Jon –¬†Literally I can’t Hey!!! (HEY!) Ladies and gentlemen‚Ķ (YEAH!) It’s time to party! (PARTY!) So that means, (WHAT?) While I’m at my mother fucking table, (UH HUH) And I’m trying to dance (UH HUH) Don’t fucking talk to me! (LET’S GO!) A shot of vodka? I can’t Tequila? I […]

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