lil mosey

Pass out – Ava MakeBelieve lyrics

Lyrics Pass out – Ava MakeBelieve feat. Lil Mosey Pass out lyrics It’s gettin’ late, might pass out, baby (Might pass out, baby) Never goin’ broke, so I cash out, crazy (Cash out, crazy) Watchin’ me, they stalkin’ me daily (They stalkin’ me) Diamonds on me wet like the Navy, I woke up thinkin’ ’bout […]

My bitch leaving – Lil Mosey lyrics

Lyrics My bitch leaving – Lil Mosey My bitch leaving lyrics My bitch leavin’ (She leavin’) Sometimes I’on feel like I need it (Need it) She mad ’cause I was cheatin’ (Cheatin’) She said, “Man, I wish you wasn’t breathin’” (Breathin’) Hop in a Lamb’ I’m speedin’ (Speedin’) With a new bitch and she look […]

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