lil bibby

Give me a call – Lil Bibby lyrics

Lyrics Give me a call – Lil Bibby And no I don’t beat by the bitch But for her, I’mma ride like I ride for my clique ‘Cause when the cops get behind on my whip She was grabbin’ my stash and was hidin’ my shit. (Lil Bibby – Give me a call) Lil Bibby lyrics […]

Musty – Chief Keef feat. Lil Bibby lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef – Musty KidWonder, you made this beat? Dang! (Let’s get it) A nigga b*tch with me getting real touchy Your b*tch wanna get real touchy(musty) A nigga b*tch with me getting real touchy That b*tch wanna get lovey-dovey They be like to do a lot of fussing But then they don’t do […]

Free crack 4 intro – Lil Bibby lyrics

Lyrics Lil Bibby – Free crack 4 intro B*tch we armed and dangerous You ain’t no limit, can’t hang with us Ain’t too many that can bang with us Niggas want smoke, well flame it up What you been smokin’, some angel dust? You’re mad ’cause your b*tch got a thang for us? You really […]

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