leon bridges

Inside friend – Leon Bridges lyrics

Lyrics Inside friend – Leon Bridges Inside friend lyrics You can be my inside frieeend You can be my inside frieeend Slide through when you want (Slide) You know I want to put you on (Put you on) It’s evil out there (It’s evil out there) Let’s keep it at home (Oh baby) so come on I wanna see you slide across the kitchen […]

That was yesterday – Leon Bridges lyrics

Lyrics That was yesterday – Leon Bridges That was yesterday lyrics Yesterday I had nothing Didn’t know whether I’ve amount to something I had holes in my shoes and in my clothes Only yesterday I was just a boy living amongst children A mini guitar that I could play with I would pretend that anything […]

Across the room – Odesza feat. Leon Bridges lyrics

Lyrics Odesza – Across the room Long hair across the room, baby she got that glow I know you see me over here, so dance on me real slow We’ve been goin’ for about two hours and I don’t even know your name So baby please reveal, reveal. Your friends are callin’ you baby stay […]

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