Zombie – Lecrae lyrics

Lyrics Zombie – Lecrae Zombie lyrics I was like a zombie ’til I was awakened Chasin’ all the barbies tryna get the bacon Pull up in a new toy feelin’ like a rude boy Always acting brazy but my heart felt like a chew toy (Chew toy) Runnin’ with my dogs catchin’ plays (Catchin’ plays) […]

Drown – Lecrae lyrics

Lyrics Drown – Lecrae Drown lyrics I’m drownin’ (I’m drownin’) I’m drownin’ (I’m drownin’) Lost in this world with these waves all around me Deep in the darkness where it’s heartless I don’t know if I can make it I’ll be honest that I’m fadin’ (I’m fadin’) I’m fadin’ (I’m fadin’) Trapped and I feel […]

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