lately lyrics

Lately – Hotboii lyrics

Lyrics Lately – Hotboii Lately lyrics Lately, I been grindin’ only (Only) No bitches grindin’ on me (On me) I feel ain’t nobody for me (Me) ‘Cause it take a lil’ time to know me (Lil’ time) Every day I think ’bout the G it be blowin’ my mind for no reason (No reason) Every […]

Lately – Machine Gun Kelly lyrics

Lyrics Machine Gun Kelly – Lately Lately lyrics Lately, I been having crazy thoughts (yeah) The way I’m living, shit get crazy dark Tell me lately, why we barely talk (why?) And you know I’m tryna change, but it’s very hard Life’s been getting to me, I just started smoking squares (I’m stressed) But they ain’t […]

Lately – Moneybagg Yo feat. Yo Gotti lyrics

Lyrics Moneybagg Yo – Lately Just had a fallout with my nigga so it’s been f*ck him lately Tryna make everybody happy, shit gonna rub me crazy I’m still prepared for the worst, keep a strap on me daily It’s just me against the world, how a nigga been feeling lately Lately, I ain’t been […]

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