Too much – Lakeyah lyrics

Lyrics Too much – Lakeyah Too much lyrics Put that on God, you don’t know what you doin’ I feel like you doin’ shit purposefully (Damn) The dick good, I’m talkin’ real good But emotionally, you never notice me (At all) Sayin’ you love me and you only want me But nigga, that ain’t what […]

Poppin – Lakeyah lyrics ft. Gucci Mane

Lyrics Poppin – Lakeyah Poppin lyrics I might take your nigga shoppin’, show you hoes what’s poppin’ (What’s up, bitch) Pull up, Bentley, to the projects, tell that nigga, “Hop in” (Hop in) I make ’em trap all day and tell that nigga, “Bring the profits” (Bring it, bae) I ride his face, he love […]

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