Lose – KSI lyrics

Lyrics Lose – KSI Lose lyrics I’m gon’ need therapy ‘Cause you’re not here with me Light me up like amphetamines I don’t do guarantees I, I, I-I Wish I could lie You got me fallin’ thinkin’ of you (Thinkin’ of you) But that’s the one thing I shouldn’t do (I shouldn’t do) I, I […]

The moment – KSI lyrics

Lyrics The moment – KSI The moment lyrics Just hopped out the bank, I’m rollin’ Pockets swollen, it’s my year And I am the one who’s chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don’t care I enter the room, I’m glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear I’m comin’ to own like Romans This my moment, zero […]

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