kodak black

Thugged out – YNW Melly lyrics ft. Kodak Black

Lyrics Thugged out – YNW Melly Thugged out lyrics I don’t know what you might need But this is the life I chose And this is the life for me, ’cause, baby, I’m a thug Thugged out, I’m thugged out, I’m thugged out Lil’ baby, I’m a thug, I’m thugged out, no drugs now I’m […]

Every balmain – Kodak Black lyrics

Lyrics Every balmain – Kodak Black Every balmain lyrics Rockin’ Louis like I’m Armstrong Bitch, I think my .9 broke I got every Balmain top Bitch, this dick is not yours Sweater with the rhinestone Bought my girl a Pomeranian dog Damn, that look like Tom Brady, yeah If twelve pull up, we ain’t related, […]

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