Version of me – Kimbra feat. Dawn lyrics

Lyrics Dawn – Version of me – Kimbra Next time I’ll be kinder with you There’s just this habit that I have I throw my words around like fire They catch on your good heart and your peace of mind Next time I’ll be kinder. (Kimbra – Version of me) If I learn to take […]

Kimbra – Miracle lyrics

Versuri Kimbra – Miracle I’m rising up Sometimes I want to get away And from the moment I met you I’m ready to fade I’m ready for a brighter day Like a castaway,  sometimes I feel so separated But I can never forget you The emotion’s fine Yeah, you shine a little light of me […]

Kimbra – Love in high places lyrics

Versuri Kimbra – Love in high places i will be your savior when no one will save you be ashining light going nice make you burn all up inside but there’s a space that i’m saving to keep me strong there is a place that i’m saving we can’t stay for long i will be […]

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