kid trunks

Universal – Kid Trunks lyrics

Lyrics Universal – Kid Trunks Universal lyrics Welcome to the show (Bling bling-bling) (Man fuck this Covid shit) It’s the nightmare before Christmas Oh my gosh D. Rein Gling gling gling gling Ayy let’s go I can’t lie uh people always try To bring me down my ozone just so they could take my pride […]

Do you know what is right – Kid Trunks lyrics

Lyrics Do you know what is right – Kid Trunks Do you what is right lyrics I feel your love when I smile But can you wait For me when I come around Distance in love when I hate My heart is numb to the pain Fool me and kill me with hate My heart […]

Not legal – Kid Trunks feat. Ski Mask lyrics

Lyrics Ski Mask – Not legal – Kid Trunks The only reason I’ll let you live because you sorry alive And if I see you in my city, make sure you come check in twice I can’t remember why these people always believe the lie But I’m the greatest asian rapper ever to be alive […]

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