Kat Deluna

Only one – Kat DeLuna lyrics

Lyrics Only one – Kat DeLuna Only one lyrics Promises that weren’t met I don’t wanna regret I just wanna forget with you Way that I’ve never felt So I think I could bet It’s not all in my head for you [Pre-Chorus] (Show me what) It’s like to hold you It’s like to know […]

Last night in Miami – Kat DeLuna lyrics

Lyrics Last night in Miami – Kat DeLuna Last night in Miami lyrics Just went MIA in Miami Got my girls with me, they like my family Beach view from the balcony Yelling at the bad boys passing Top down with the music blasting I feel the walls are collapsing Only got one life for […]

Bum bum – Kat DeLuna ft. Trey Songz

Lyrics Kat DeLuna ft. Trey Songz – Bum bum If you wanna love me You gotta do it right Cause every Queen need a King who wants a body All day, all night We could do it in the shower We could do it on the floor You could get it ever hour Boy there’s so […]

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