kane brown

Cool again – Kane Brown lyrics

Lyrics Cool again – Kane Brown Cool again lyrics I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout ya lately Reminiscin’ goin’ crazy Miss the way your kiss would keep me up Ayy wish that you were here tonight Drinkin’ vodka soda extra limes And we could just get back to bein’ us ‘Cause I just wanna be cool again […]

Worldwide beautiful – Kane Brown lyrics

Lyrics Worldwide beautiful – Kane Brown Worldwide beautiful lyrics White churches black churches Different people same hearses It’s kinda hard to fight with each other Layin’ down in the ground six under At every show I see my people They ain’t the same but they are all equal One love one God one family You’re […]

Cool again new song by Kane Brown

Cool again new song by Kane Brown Cool again new song by Kane Brown It seems that this quarantine it’s getting to artists too. It looks like Kane Brown is melancholic, he misses the old times. The new song called Cool again was released today, Thursday 23 April and it’s about Brown reflecting on last […]

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