jordyn jones

Blind – Jordyn Jones lyrics

Lyrics Blind – Jordyn Jones Blind lyrics Fall asleep But I don’t fall in love that easily You and me Something different with our chemistry I know if I knew better I wouldn’t let you go Told me not to come closer but still I’m at your front door Tryna get your attention cause I […]

Think about u – Jordyn Jones lyrics

Lyrics Think about u – Jordyn Jones Think about u lyrics [Intro] Every time I think about you Every time I think about you [Verse 1] I’ll give you some attention ‘Cause you throw it back, you throw it back And I’ll show you perfection ‘Cause I’m good at that, I’m good at that Maybe […]

Summer – Jordyn Jones lyrics

Lyrics Jordyn Jones – Summer Ahhh cherry red Coupe Ray-Bans on but my eyes on you Ahhh look at that view Our first kiss on the beach, Malibu. (Jordun Jones – Summer) You know we’re starting a fire Don’t need the aux to get wired Ahh when you came my way I won’t forget that […]

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