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Hear me say – Jonas Blue lyrics

Lyrics Hear me say – Jonas Blue Hear me say lyrics All the late night conversations Way too many hesitations Feel the doubt, I feel the doubt And the memories, I’ve been savin’ But the good ones, they’re all fadin’ Fadin’ out, they’re fadin’ out And I heaaar you callin’ out my name Oh, we […]

Mistakes – Jonas Blue feat. Paloma Faith lyrics

Lyrics Mistakes – Jonas Blue Mistakes lyrics When will I learn to stop me making the same mistakes again Same mistakes again for you When will I learn to lock my heart so it doesn’t break again no Doesn’t break again in two I should’ve known shoulda known by now That I was always gonna […]

Billboard – Jonas Blue lyrics

Lyrics Billboard – Jonas Blue Billboard lyrics 你向世界宣告 我们多好 又让我挂上假笑 每张合照 你却像一场感冒 太难治好 越来越甩不掉 越抓越牢 [Pre-Chorus] 我拜托你快走开 别来烦我 不要再消费彼此暧昧过 停止你不得安宁的放送 It’s so weird [Chorus] I see you like a billboard painted in the sky You’re everywhere tonight You light up like Shanghai at night I see you like a billboard stranger in the night Something that reminds me You’re […]

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