john newman

Stand by me – John Newman lyrics

Lyrics Stand by me – John Newman Stand by me lyrics You seen every scar I don’t show my skin And you taste every word that hasn’t passed my lips You know my every smile and what they all mean Happy sad and broken no in between [Pre-Chorus] I know you’ve seen all my imperfections […]

Without you – John Newman lyrics

Lyrics Without you – John Newman Without you lyrics I didn’t mean to shut you out I didn’t mean to shout at you at all The temper is raising anger flares We are 2 hotheads with nothing left back home But when nobody’s there and nobody cares When the trees come down and nobody hears […]

Fire in me – John Newman lyrics

Lyrics Fire in me – John Newman I’m never gonna let you go I’m never gonna let you go. (John Newman – Fire in me) I’m starting with my intuition I’m starting with my strengths I’m getting back my old ambitions Returning once again My nuckles are so red and raw From breaking through these […]

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