Going down – Jerome lyrics

Lyrics Going down – Jerome Going down lyrics I used to be the outcast This shit ain’t about the cash Music saved my life, don’t know where I would be without that Told them I would make a name They always would doubt that Struggling with my .. Now I’m about to bounce back Reason […]

Raging through the city – Jerome lyrics

Lyrics Raging through the city – Jerome Raging through the city lyrics I’m sorry mama, I said I’m sorry mama But I’m ridin’ thru this city Getting fading with no drama I’m like where’s the party Tell me where the party They said it’s in the .. so .. getting started I’m just raging through […]

Patrick Bateman – Jerome lyrics

Lyrics Patrick Bateman – Jerome Don’t come around me now acting like we all buddy buddy You rappers caught a buzz only cause you fuckin lucky I’m here to slay you bloodsuckers I guess I’m just like Buffy I’m getting money got no time, be out here playing hubby This ain’t no killing blow but […]

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