jeremy zucker

Honest – Jeremy Zucker lyrics

Lyrics Honest – Jeremy Zucker Honest lyrics You’re leaving at midnight But that doesn’t sit right You call your dad And hide your location With no hesitation [Pre-Chorus] You were attached Until you snapped Used to be kind now you’re out of your goddamn mind I used to be patient But now, I’m just vacant […]

Doris terrace – Quinn XCII ft. Jeremy Zucker lyrics

Lyrics Doris terrace – Quinn XCII Doris terrace lyrics Some nights I feel like ending it I barely ever fall asleep If I’m twenty-eight, why do I feel like this? Some days feel like I am not me These empty streets No people I can meet, no I’m losing it (I’m losing it, I’m losing […]

This is how you fall in love – Jeremy Zucker lyrics

Lyrics This is how you fall in love – Jeremy Zucker This is how you fall in love lyrics Sun in my eyes navy blue skies You are the reason I can survive We’ll turn off the phones to just be alone We’ll draw the curtains and never leave home I had a nightmare But […]

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