Modern day – Jeezy lyrics

Lyrics Modern day – Jeezy Modern day lyrics They say I fell off I bounce back I got it in me Hustle fully automatic dawg don’t do no semi Seven-day grind theory dawg Hustleveli That’s why I got that thug motivation ‘cross my belly You confusin’ me with them dawg? Must be a mix-up Lots […]

Almighty black dollar – Jeezy lyrics

Lyrics Almighty black dollar – Jeezy Almighty black dollar lyrics All this Fendi and Gucci is goofy LV cancelled you tell ’em to sue Rolex AP ain’t shit y’all fell off Need that need us Almighty Black dollar Fuck them bottles and puff it ain’t chase Ciroc D’USSÉ Bellaire let’s get paid Rolls Royce Bentley ain’t […]

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