Not at all – Jayceeoh feat. Stafford Brothers lyrics

Lyrics Not at all – Jayceeoh Not at all lyrics Waka Flocka Waka Flocka Bam bam bam Yacht master rollie don’t tick at all Never made the team, still get the ball Waka Flocka broke? *****, not at all If the guap is off, let the choper off And I know that ain’t what you really […]

Everywhere I go – Jayceeoh & Dijital lyrics

Lyrics Jayceeoh – Everywhere I go Working all day, but he ain’t surprised, yeah Working for the money going overtime, yeah He stays sweating like be your side, yeah He give no chance but he love to try, yeah. (Jayceeoh – Everywhere I go) He know how to fun me like that Fun me like […]

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