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Entrepreneur – Pharrell Williams lyrics

Lyrics Entrepreneur – Pharrell Williams Entrepreneur lyrics I am black ambition I am always whispering They keep telling me I will not But my will won’t listen Gravity on a black man With everything on his back and His family and passion If the doors ain’t crackin’ You gotta let go (Let go) If you […]

Charge it to the game – JAY-Z lyrics

Lyrics Charge it to the game – JAY-Z Charge it to the game – JAY-Z lyrics – coming soon Good life – Mr. Criminal lyrics Lyrics Good life – Mr. Criminal Good life lyrics by Mr. Criminal Look, I’m Dippin’ Glidin’ Riding Through Cutting ties – 6LACK lyrics Lyrics 6LACK – Cutting ties – 6LACK Runnin’ […]

Apeshit – Beyonce lyrics

Lyrics Apeshit – Beyonce Stack my money fast and go (fast, fast, go) Fast like a Lambo (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) I be jumpin’ off the stage, ho (jumpin’, jumpin’, hey, hey) Crowd better savor (crowd goin’ ape, hey) I can’t believe we made it (this is what we made, made) This is what we’re thankful for […]

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