Jason Derulo

Acapulco – Jason Derulo lyrics

Lyrics Acapulco – Jason Derulo Acapulco lyrics I can’t read ya, my sexy Mona Lisa Can’t tell if you gon’ leave here or if you wanna stay Girl, just ease up, don’t yell in my two-seater You say that you a freaker, but fall asleep at eight Sheesh (Sheesh), but you’re perfectly This function know […]

Lifestyle – Jason Derulo lyrics

Lyrics Lifestyle – Jason Derulo Lifestyle lyrics You shining bright just like Rihanna-na (Shine) Always be fucking on some comma-mas (Fuck it up) Oh girl we notice your body the coldest everybody fall in love fall in love I’m a rollin’ stone baby come on Tell me what you like every night Girl I know […]

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