jared dines

Gaze into the iris – Jared Dines lyrics

Lyrics Jared Dines – Gaze into the iris Gaze Into the iris. Gaze Into the iriiis. Grip tight to the edge of tomorrow I see you hanging on for your life, close your eyes and fight, fight, fight. Prepare to hold on through the night! Gaze Into the iriiis.. Gaze Into the iriiis.. Rain is […]

Rebuild – Jared Dines lyrics

Lyrics Jared Dines – Rebuild Rebuild. Rebuild. Rebuild. Rebuild. Days waste away like forgotten memories that lurk within our minds. The darkness that waits inside its own silence will be replaced with steadfast light. Sadist oh how I’ll miss your grace through the satisfaction of pleasure through pain. No longer will I be the victim. […]

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