What I like about u – Dante Klein lyrics

Lyrics What I like about u – Dante Klein Talk to me, I’m going crazy I fucked up and I’m kinda hazy Call me now, I know you’re ready Wanna do some kamikaze? (Dante Klein – What I like about u) ‘Cause we like the same shit (same shit) A bottomless pit, no Versuri-lyrics.info I […]

Take us down – Hardwell feat. Jantine & Dr Phunk lyrics

Lyrics Hardwell –┬áTake us down Waking up without a sound The ashes still floating around Cities are burning, can’t wait till the morning We better start running now. (Hardwell – Take us down) Grab my hand and don’t let go We’re stuck until we find a home A place we hold on to, a place […]

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