Jake Miller

Could have been you – Jake Miller lyrics

Lyrics Could have been you – Jake Miller Could have been you lyrics LA fucking changed you You re a different person all of a sudden But honestly I changed too changed too I guess I m not the type that you wanted Cause my love didn t phase you yeah I bought ya Gucci […]

Last text – Jake Miller lyrics

Lyrics Last text – Jake Miller Last text lyrics They say to fight for the things that you love But there comes a point where you gotta give up Wishing my screen would light up with your name But you call as often as rain in L.A This is my last try to get through […]

Skinnydip – Jake Miller lyrics

Lyrics Skinnydip – Jake Miller Skinnydip lyrics Life is complicated, everything is changing We keep geting older, world is getting colder I wish I could tell the younger us That growing up is hard, so what’s the rush? ‘Cause everything was working, everything was perfect When we were Skinny dipping all night Underneath the moonlight […]

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