jaden smith

Plastic – Jaden Smith lyrics

Lyrics Plastic – Jaden Smith Plastic lyrics Man, we just got banned from the club Yeah, ayy Chew the guap, yeah (Yuh) Don’t even talk to me (No, no) They need to water me (Water) I need it all for free (All) Landlines (Landlines), standby (Standby) Rubber bands, make ’em fly Let’s go Bust down, […]

Goku – Jaden Smith lyrics

Lyrics Goku – Jaden Smith Goku lyrics Borracho, borracho, borracho I’m super sonic with the vinyls Ayy, tectonic volcano in the island You don’t want no problems All you jokers need to grow up You ain’t know it then, now you know it Ayy, my credit card didn’t go through I’m ballin’ I feel like […]

The passion – Jaden Smith lyrics

Lyrics The passion – Jaden Smith The passion lyrics Done with reminiscing Spittin’ fire hotter than the pot up in the kitchen, yuh And lately I’ve been itchin’ to take a rapper on Cause I’m really done with all the sneak disses, yuh My whip is fully electric versuri-lyrics.info You need a lesson just to whip […]

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