Damn shame – Funk Flex ft. Jadakiss lyrics

Lyrics Damn shame – Funk Flex Damn shame lyrics I ain’t with the small talk, I let the Tequila do it Bulletproof the Porsche like Tony, I let the dealer do it Crack in the hooptie that needed the power steerin’ fluid They just have to pass it off to me, I was like, “Yeah, […]

Huntin season – Jadakiss lyrics

Lyrics Huntin season – Jadakiss Huntin season lyrics They been slaughtered ain’t nothin’ even (Nothin’) It’s a war goin’ on but ain’t nothin’ bleedin If it ain’t nothin’ comin’ in then ain’t nothin’ leavin’ When I think of all these rappers it’s huntin’ season [Verse 1: Jadakiss] For my thugs in the cage (One love) […]

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