Introvert – Little Simz lyrics

Lyrics Introvert – Little Simz Introvert lyrics The kingdom’s on fire The blood of a young messiah I see sinners in a church I see sinners in a church Sometimes I might be introvert There’s a war inside I hear battle cries Mothers burying sons Young boys playing with guns The devil’s a liar Fulfil […]

Introvert – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

Lyrics Introvert – Lil Uzi Vert Introvert lyrics by Lil Uzi Walkin’ around with a bank Walkin’ around with a bank Walkin’ around with a bank Didn’t trust broad from the beginning Don’t fuck with none of these women I done fucked all of these women If the pussy ain’t wet, then I’m just leavin’ Diamonds […]

Introvert – Rich Brian lyrics

Lyrics Rich Brian – Introvert – Rich Brian Every time I go closer to the road, leavin’ my light I just wanna know why I’m feelin’ so lonely at night It’s my fault, it’s my life, I’m so cold, I’m so high, get it right I don’t care, but I fight, we don’t lose, we just […]

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