Internet Money

His & hers – Internet Money lyrics

Lyrics His & hers – Internet Money His & hers lyrics Baby, hit that backend Birk’ Then pour a four of purple You got his and hers Toolie in that Birkin Close the window curtains (Curtains) Right up in your skirt (Skirt) Take off, hit the curve (Curve) Toolie in that Birkin [Post-Chorus: Don Toliver] […]

Jetski – Internet Money lyrics

Lyrics Jetski – Internet Money Jetski lyrics Hundred bitches on my line tryna sext me (Tryna sext me) Yeah, my pockets getting full, getting hefty Count with both hands, they ask if I’m a lefty I’m tryna fuck her tonight, supermodel I’m tryna get lit, pop another bottle (Lit) This whip so fast, goin’ full […]

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