Icona Pop

Bitches – Tove Lo feat. Charli XCX lyrics

Lyrics Charli XCX – Bitches – Tove Lo Appreciate it Touch me like you know what you do and what you don’t But I’m feeling jaded Know your own love, I don’t fuck with no glove So why complicate it? Let me be your guide when you eat my pussy out ‘Cause I’ve had one […]

Icona Pop and Keri Hilson at Pride 2018 Lineup

Icona Pop and Keri Hilson at Pride 2018 Lineup. Since it seems that female artist taking part at music festivals in 2018 are under 20%, Christopher Street West announced a new wave of female singers who will take part at the L.A. Pride 2018 Lineup. The names are: Kim Petras, Icona Pop, Eve, Natalia Jimenez […]

Girls girls – Icona Pop lyrics

Lyrics Icona Pop – Girls girls Don’t see your name, I bet you have a cool one baby You wanna play, just whisper in my ear and maybe Some nights I remember, some nights I forget There’s boys I like better but there’s no regrets but there’s no regrets, Girls girls, wanna feel it Hearts […]

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